Prof. Dr. Illés Dudás D.Sc.
Doctor of Technical Studies, professor emeritus

Professor Emeritus, former Head of Department and Deputy Dean of the University of Miskolc, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, honorary citizen of Nyírkarász, holder of several honorary professorships, the Honour Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit and many other honours, has in the 80th year of his life, in illness, which he bore with dignity, on the 16th of November, 2021 returned to his Creator with tragic suddenness.

A renowned lecturer and great expert in his field, the University of Miskolc
considers him as his own dead and will cherish his memory with grace.

Postal address:
Dr. Dudás Illésné,
Szentpéteri kapu 5-7. H-3526 Miskolc, Hungary
E-mail: dudase[kukac]

Dr. Dudás Illés